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July 16, 2011
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CC Lucy Reference by DivRot CC Lucy Reference by DivRot

Audition Page 01: [link]


...Lucy is like the hideous lovechild of the Lumpy Space Princess and a komodo dragon. Why.

Left it in flat colour so people who want to can use it as a pallette.


Name: Princess Elizabeth Imperial Josephina Maria-Susana the Third; aka, Lucy
Breed Base: Chinese Crested Hairless and Saluki (which is much more physically possible when you take into account that both parents were crossbreeds to begin with; listed names are what each was, genetically, closest to)
Age: Almost three
Gender: Questionable, but let's go with male.
Abilities: If Lucy has any power at all, it resides in the miracle of how he's still alive. In fact, he appears almost entirely unfazed by any of the numerous ailments he carries.
Strengths: Physically, Lucy has speed, agility, andů terrible hygiene. Lucy is good for having short bursts of speed and sprinting. Agility shows most in finding ways around obstacles and in rolling off most blows (will go in the direction of an attack to reduce injury, in other words). As for hygiene, it's safe to say a great many things don't want to touch him. Those that do tend to be along the lines of bacteria, flies, mites, and a variety of other parasites. Contact with him risks a chance of catching something, just as getting bitten risks a very high chance of getting infected. On this note, Lucy is also gifted with a set of very sharp teeth, and a surprisingly strong jaw.
Weaknesses: Summarized, the top three weaknesses would be height-to-weight ratio, lack of strength, and his eyes. Lucy is tall and lanky in his build, and while this might not be a problem if he wasn't skin and bones, he isn't hard to shove around, tear, or crush (as his defense is incredibly lacking, he'd be relying more on his ability to dodge whilst in combat). On an offensive note, Lucy isn't that strong. In order to shove back at someone, he'd have to get a moving start first. As for the eyes, the extra one Lucy was born with grew in RIGHT ON TOP OF the other one. Moving either of the eyes shoves the other around, too, as they share a socket and eyelids; he thus can't close the lid all the way, leading to continuous lacrimation and the inability to keep a lot of dust out of it. Moving the eyes too much can also give him a bit of a headache and irritates both. Lucy's left eyes are therefore very red and never facing the same direction, though sometimes one of them manages to face the same way his right eye is.
It should also be noted that, while not an outwardly exploitable weakness, Lucy's collection of filth is detrimental to himself just as it is to his opponents. While it is true that Lucy has come to resist some things and acts more as a carrier than as an infected individual, he is not immune to anything by any means. Lucy remains an energetic individual, but too much exertion increases the likelihood of symptoms showing as his energy is no longer being focused into his immune system. This would lead to him getting sick, wearing down more quickly, and, particularly if he's eaten something recently, vomiting. He'll try to shrug it off and take it in stride just because that's the way he is about it, but in the end it really isn't good for him. Also he might try to eat it.
Personality: Lucy is spontaneous, crude, sharp-tongued, and hell bent on joining and winning the tourney for the sole purpose of, he hopes, the only chance he'll ever have at sex. Lucy is a proper mess and he knows it, but he gets a lot of fun out of irritating people. He seems to have an innate talent in finding what annoys them, and then rubs it in, rubs against them, and gets in their face until they're ready to kill him. He tends to try and make lots of physical contact with others during a conversation.
History: Lucy was born a deformed little mutant. Now Lucy is a disgusting, parasite-ridden, larger mutant. What came in between you can find outů THROUGH STORYTELLING.
Likes: Eating, talking, ticking people off, humping things
Dislikes: Constant itching, constantly being avoided, headaches, dogs he just can't seem to irritate (of which there are few)
:bulletgreen: Clearly, not a lot of things that will have a conversation with him go within a good two-three meter radius. Getting older and carrying his instinct to breed, he views this as his one and only chance of EVER getting to do so, because only absolute fame and fortune could help him now. And even thenů. Nevertheless, the only thing he has to lose is his life. So... nothing, really.
:bulletgreen: While he might be perfectly fine for a few fights, his recovery time in between them will be slower the more energy he puts into each.
:bulletgreen: He's fighting to kill. He's not going to be light about it in any way.
:bulletgreen: He's still going to chat up everyone he fights, though.
:bulletgreen: Lucy has adapted to deal with having three eyes as far as coordination; he'll run into things sometimes if he's running, but it's not the biggest problem he has with them.
:bulletgreen: If there's any feasible way to make him uglier, Thais wants to make it happen. /killed This was a joke, sorry. |D;;
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ParanormalFeelings Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Male? His names look more female-like xD
Nice character, though he seems kinda creepy~
Canis-ferox Jul 17, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh man. I lol'd. This is among the most unique characters I've seen auditioning so far. I love the amount of thought that went into him as well :D Though I have a feeling that he would loathe my character Spoon :iconheeplz: He's far too passive to be irritated in most cases. Which could be rather amusing xD
Lucy: :iconchallengeacceptedplz:

I love Spoon. |D I haven't even seen all of his audition but still.<3

Thanks and best of luck!
Canis-ferox Jul 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Haha xD

Thanks! :D Can't wait to get some of the rest of it finished, but I'm terrible at time management and prioritizing as applied to art, especially when I have so many things I need to do xD

You're welcome, and good luck to you as well! ^^
The most gorgeous dog I've ever seen ;P

Definately gonna cameo this guy xD

Your audition looks wonderful so far, by the way; best of luck in the tourney!

Oh thanks, glad it looks alright (having a kinda rough start with it); best of luck to you as well!
Songdog-StrayFang Jul 17, 2011  Student Writer
This is a special kind of awesome.

Yay for questionable genders! It's a shame you didn't have show up sooner, would've been fun to cameo him.
Well perhaps we shall be seeing each other in the tournament, and we'll each have plenty of occasion then.~ |D

In the meantime I'm just going to sketch Speaks, because as it so happens, she is incredibly fun to draw.
Songdog-StrayFang Jul 17, 2011  Student Writer
This is quite true; actually I ended up brainstorming ideas for if ever such an unholy match was arranged.

I'm sure he'll end up in a few of my random sketches at some point, he's too fun not to draw. What with his awesome three eyes.

Question: How tall is he at shoulder height?
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